as long as you think you’re cute who cares if someone says otherwise

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lol this makes me miss dom. we used to ride around blastin’ the soulja boy tellem album & doinq this mess. ppl lookin at us at stopliqhts & shit. qood times.

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"why do black girls smack their lips and roll their necks all the time" idk why do white boys fuck their pets and shoot their classmates


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sometimes i actually get my shit together but then i lose it again like 2 days later

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pour one out to the neopets we left for dead


😭😭😭 RIP kenobirexx

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  • lorde-tw1tchesWhy am I on blast for speaking my opinion. I am not racist; most of my friends are African American. Believe me that, not supporting either side Just saying they were both in the wrong, & that she gave her what she wanted; a reaction.
  • uncle-tomfoolery

    Listen closely.

    1. A few of us (black people) are in on a little secret: When someone says “I have black friends,” they’re tokenizing black people as a means to an end. In other words, that sends red flags up in our head to let us know that person is a racist.
    2. I already thought you were racist and then you used one of the Racist’s Favorite Slogans. I must say I feel affirmed.
    3. Why did I already think you were racist? Stop. You’re already thinking of how you’re not and how it’s ridiculous that I think that. Stop. Now listen. I think you’re racist (besides the aforementioned two points) because you chose to chastise the reaction of the person who had just been called a NIGGER—the worst thing you can be called—instead of the person who called someone a NIGGER—the worst thing you can call someone. You can say “they were both in the wrong” until you’re blue in the face but the fact of the matter is YOU CALLED OUT ONE (OPPRESSED) PERSON AND LEFT THE OTHER (AN OPPRESSOR) PRETTY MUCH SCOT-FREE. That may not be what you meant, but guess what? Racism is not about intent.
    4. Fuck your intent.
    5. As for me being the anon, is it so hard for your little pea-brain to consider that maybe you’re getting multiples of the same message…because MULTIPLE PEOPLE FEEL THAT WAY? You’re trying so hard to defend yourself while MULTIPLE PEOPLE SAY THE SAME THING TO YOU. At a certain point, you have to accept that the PROBLEM IS YOU and CORRECT YOUR-GODDAMN-SELF. 
    6. As for your so-called “African American friends” whom you so graciously brought up, if you really think proximity to them means you’re not racist…that makes you the worst kind of racist. The kind that tries to defend herself without listening and just uses those “African American friends” as shields against accusations of her blatant racism. 
    7. In conclusion, it is not your job to tell a black person who has just been racially attacked and triggered ANYTHING. I know you think your “African American friends” are pets and they afford you the right to butt in, but DON’T BUTT IN. Your opinion is NOTHING. You know NOTHING and you have NO OPINION on how ANY BLACK PERSON who has just been called a NIGGER should react. NONE WHATSOEVER. You zip your lip and you listen and you learn. 

    Got it?


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Dear Future Girlfriend,







when i look at you like this …


please make up ya mind where you wanna eat

before i get your ass a mcchicken and call it a night




No forreal


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When you’re watching porn and someone pops up on a live webcam masturbating


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